IR(A) instrument rating

The purpose of the IR (A) course is to train pilots for carrying out flights safely in instrumental conditions. To achieve SEP IR (A) rating, pilot must perform a 50 hours flight training on instrumental basis, where 35 hours out of 50 can be performed in a FNPT II simulator . MEP IR (A) requires at least 55 hours instrument flight training , where 40 hours out of 55 can be performed in a FNPT II simulator.

Entry requirements:
  • Current Private Pilot License with NVFR cvalification or CPL(A) license;
  • Minimum 50 hours of PIC on single engine piston airplane;
  • ICAO level 4 of English;
  • Valid EASA 1st or 2nd Class Medical Certificate according document PART-MED.;.
Ground Training:
  • Air Law;
  • Aircraft General Knowledge;
  • Flight Performance and Planning;
  • Human Performance and Limitations;
  • Navigation;
  • Communication;
  • Meteorology.

Training course expenses include the following:
  • Theoretical course and learning materials;
  • Individual instruction sessions with Flight instructor before and after the flight (pre flight briefing and flight analysis);
  • Aircraft rental (including fuel and insurance);
  • Latvian Navigation flight fees .

Training course will be available from second half of 2016

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